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Teams - opponents' AI

Hi all,

We are working on teams structure interfaces this week, so we have time to write a longer post and dive a little deeper Pitlane’s Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In Pitlane the player leads one new motorsport team that have to compete against other 11 teams. There is an AI for each team, this means you will have 11 AI opponents. Each AI controls its own finances at the beginning of each new season and sets the budget to hire all the professionals.

AI never cheat, they never have access to reserved variables with important informations, and they know nothing about the player choices. All their behaviour is based on data.

All AIs are highly competItive and will make no favours to the player. For instance If team A decides that the budget for hiring the first driver this year is of 34.000.000 euro, when the market window is open (from january to march), the AI will make an offer trying to get the best driver on the market. It will not be easy to hire the best professionals for your team.

In general different professionals have different salary range, depending on the importance of their role. In fact, for example, a driver’s wage is much bigger than a chassis engineer or a pr manager’s income and chassis engineers’wage is bigger than front wing engineers’and the player will need to be aware of that.

Furthermore, the parameters that define the professional value on the market differ among roles. For example each driver has a general skill level and six perks. All this informations are public to Teams’AI and Player Team’s AI, and the driver will be offered a job depending on:

- general skill level of the driver

- perks of the driver

- experience and previous results of the driver

When a driver is chosen, the AI team will generate a job offer including: contract time limits, salary for each season and bonus if the team wins the championship. After receiving the contract offer, the engeneer/mechanic/manager/driver will decide whether accepting it or not.

If the professional receives many offers from different teams, he/she will compare all this offers and will make a decision considering salary, number of seasons, bonus, team prestige level (that depends on how much the team is successful), and team employees happiness level.

You might manage to hire the best of the best, however, as it happens in real life, having the best professionals is not enough to win! An AI that is loosing the championship might decide to implement a more risky strategy and be lucky enough to beat your team.

During racing events (practice, qualify and race) AI are constanly called (one time every 1 second) so they can make decisions on what to do during live events. During races for this reason we will have 24 AI drivers and 11 AI teams active all together in real time. We worked a lot on the system and it is currently running smootly!!! We are very much relieved :D!

It is all for now, thank you for reading till the end! As always any opinions or questions are very welcome.

See you in a bit!


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