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Teams - departments structure

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Hi there,

We are going on polishing Pitlane little by little. Anyway we would like to keep posting about the game structure hoping to get feedbacks from you all. Thank you for the support, we received some very interesting and nice messages <3.

As we said, a majour part of the game consists on competing against other teams. One of our goals is to build the chance for the player to create a deep strategy and generate a “war” for getting the best professionals on the market. The game design focused a lot on this matter.

In the game there are 12 team, each one needs to hire 23 employees. Each professional is hired through a contract proposal that includes several different parameters: wage, bonus, contract time limit.

The human resources markets for the professionals are 4:

Drivers (40 units)

Engineers (200 units)

Mechanics (80 units)

Managers(60 units)

for a total of 380 active real avatars, all with their own defining charactheristics (age, name, nationality, skill level, perks and appareance) that create their specific value.

Dave wrote the databases for professionals and teams and connected them to the team finacial module, that operates all the expenses and incomes (we will talk about game finance system later in the blog).

All this complexity generated a big structure for professionals and teams and took a lot of effort to code and debug! At the same time it created the possibility to build a rich game experience. The human resources system is now pretty done and working, there is a lot of complexity with teams that from season to season exchange professionals hoping to have better results.

We leave you with some images for now and we will post some screenshots later this week. We are always interested in hearing from you, so tell us your opinion. Thank you for taking the time to read our updates!

Cheers and see you soon


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