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More Avatars

Hi there,

Still working on Avatars here! When we started thinking about the Customization phase of the game we were in doubt: we wanted to give the player the chance to create all the characters but at the same time we didn’t want to make the customization phase too long and exhausting.

In the end we decided to design two ways of using the Avatar Editor: the characters can be both freely modified by the player and created using a random generation funtion. The random generation function decides the character appearence, his/her name and nationality and can be used as many time sas the player fancy. To improve realism we decided to implement a lot of different Nationalities and we created a name database containing the more common family names of each Nationality.

After generating a character using the random button, the player is still free to change some or all the character’s features. No fixed combinations or links between the parameters (Nationality, facial features or colours) are imposed by the AI. Sometimes some very weird characters come out from the random generation funtion! We think that this is actually fun, even though we will probably refine it a little bit at a later stage.

We hope you like the art and videos we are posting, any ideas or suggestions from you are always much appreciated!

See you soon!


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