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Mechanics Department - Factory

Hiya all,

This week we will continue talking about cars development!

The mechanics department is composed by three buildings: Factory, where the car parts are built, Assembly Workshop, where the car is assembled, and Box, where the cars are prepared for the race and then tested.

After developing the techs (5 engineering techs + 5 aerodynamic techs) in the engineering department the player will chose which car parts will be developed in the Factory.

The available technologies that have been developed or bought are in the Warehouse (maximum 10 techs per kind, ready to be used). The factory mechanic is in charge of producing the car parts starting from this techs. High quality or low quality of the job depend among the other factors on the mechanic ability level.

Next time we will continue talking about the other buildings.

It’s all for now :) !

PS: We hope all of you and your dear ones are well in this scary times.

We will keep on working as usual even if the team will not be able to meet in person for a while, trying to keep up the quality of our work.

See ya folks and wish you all the best from our hearts.

G. F. & D. <3


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