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Mechanics Department - Assembly Workshop & Box

Hi all,

this week we will continue talking about the Mechanic Department.

After producing all the car parts in the Factory, there is a crucial moment in which the car is assembled. Here all 10 parts must be chosen. The performance, reliability and damage level of each part will contribute to the overall quality of the car.

The Assembly Mechanic will help the player, i.e. giving advice when there are parameters that are too low for a minimum safety standard. His/her ability level will give a bonus on the final quality result of the job.

In the Box building, two mechanics, one for each car, will help you make the right decisions for the race strategy. They have a very close relationship with the drivers, which can have an influence on their moral and performance. Having a good relationship is key to have good results. During the race weekend the box mechanics assist the drivers and work on car calibrations, while assisting the player with valuable advice on weather conditions and tips on strategies for each circuit. They are more useful if they have more experience in this role.

That’s all for now, thank you for reading us!

See ya!!!


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