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Managers department - PR

Hi there,

This week we will talk about the managers department. There are three managers buildings: PR, Fan Center and Training Center.

The PR Building is in charge of managing the relationship of the team with Sponsor, fans and investors. He/she can use different strategies that are useful to improve and strenghten this relationships and, as a result, earn more favourable contracts or find more generous investors or fundings to develop new technologies.

The more the managers work well in making their counterparts fall in love with the team, the more the team will be helped by this external actors.

The player decides which strategy philosophy he/she wants to use. There are slower and less risky strategies and it is possible to make direct promises i.e. we primise we will win next race. If you win you will gain a good amount of trust, but if you don’t you will loose a lot of credibility.

There are other two buildings that can be built later in the game:

The Training Center is where the professional growth of your team members is administered. The more you will invest and the more the team will be given the chance to acquire new skills, the better results you will have overall.

But be carefull, if these professionals will accept another team offer after their contract with you has ended, they will bring their know how to your opponents. You will have to choose wisely who you want to keep with you.

The Fan Center is where the relationship with your fans is taken care of. A large fan base means better sponsors and more money. To build a good fanbase you need to have good results but also to build a good communication strategy, invest in merchandising and events dedicated to your fans.

Your fan base can also be happy or feel not enough considered and get disappointed at your team. Even in this case is possible to make risky promises, but remember: if you brag you will win and you don’t you might look like a gasbag!

That’s all for now, thank you for reading us!

See you soon for more updates


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