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I <3 Cars - design and player options 2

Hi there,

we are still working on cars, in particular on cars’ colour options.

At the moment there are two possible versions of cars’livery colour style the player can choose: plain colour or design colour. The Plain colour option consist on having a single colour on every car part. The design colour option allows two colours per car part, with a special design for every one of the five different models for every car part.

The player can choose one of the colours that are suggested by the AI (that depends on previous choices made on team and logo colours), or press the rainbow button to choose among a wider range of colours.

Later in development we would like to build a system that allows the player to create his/her own colours through an RGB bars system. We are also implementing the possibility for the player to create gradients. Gradient coloration requires Dave to use a different pre-built engine function. We don't know why, but the fuction is highly demanding in memory, maybe because of blending, so for now Dave is not using it until optimization is completed.

Anyway, here are some PITLANE cars for you ;)

See you later


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