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Headquarters 2 - graphic development

Hi there,

if you are a graphic addict as we are, you might be interested in this week focus as we will write a little bit about the process that let to the creation of Pitlane’s Headquarters :D !

At the very beginning of the graphic development phase, right after the research phase and many, many concept art sketches and layout thumbnails, we set our visual design rules: flat 2d design, technical drawing reminescence, geometrical clean layouts (among others).

To create the Headquarters we started from observing and studying real Motorsport Teams’ headquarters structures and proportions. We than mooved forward from them and decided to create a park that could look credible in terms of organization while finding Pitlane’s graphic personality.

We started from organizing the whole plan, deciding step by step the position of every building, considering which one could deserve a visual preeminance, based on its function in the game.

We then mooved to imagine the buildings and went little by little into detail. We studied every single building trying to give each one a specific graphic personality based on its own function in the game.

In the end we studied colour palette and style always reminding ourselves to focus on a style and a production process that could used to produce all Pitlane circuits later in development.

We are currently studying how to represent the buildings that are not available at the beginning of the game, so at the moment you can see them all on, in all their splendor!

Any ideas from you is always very welcome!

Thank you for reading this post till the end and for your support, guys!

See you in a bit

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