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Game Structure

Hi there,

today we will write some stuff about Pitlane’s game structure.

The player is a just hired team manager of an emerging motorsport team. His/her goal is to prove him/herself as a top manager, working hard to bring the team to success, with the ultimate goal of eventually become the best manager of all times.

In the first stage of the game you will have to recruit your team members (drivers, mechanics, engineers and managers) and choose how to develop the car technology. As it happens in real life, budget must be considered at every step, and you will have to figure out how to better invest the team’s money.

Once the team is set up, you have to get ready for the championship. You will be asked to respect the board of directors’ demands. You will also have to satisfy sponsors’ and fans’ expectations, while keeping the employees’ moral high and teamwork efficient. Your employees will give you useful insights but they will also complain if things are not ok.

It won’t be easy but, hey, you can’t be the best without fighting hard first, can you?

When you’ll be ready for races, you’ll realize having a great car or driver will not be enough. You will have less time to think and it will be your duty to choose the right strategy, coordinate team members, be careful to weather condition, tyres, and technical issues. And, of course, your rivals will not just look, they will fight for the victory with no mercy.

Think strategically, stay focused, listen to your employees and allies and step by step you might succeed. Succeed over and over and you might be strong enough to end up in the hall of fame of team leaders of all times, never to be forgotten in the motorsport world and beyond!

Talking about the development, at the moment the code main features are completed and working, database’s data structure is done and debugged, we also tested the saving system and it is completed and debugged on all game’s stages. All runtime main bugs were solved. We used placeholder graphic for part of the circuits (since they are not all completed with graphic) and tested them. We already tested 10 consecutive seasons with all the game features and everything is running!

All key feature are already done, we still have a lot of work to do on tuning, polishing and debugging, we need to work a bit deeply on ux, and design the intro tutorial. It is a rather long road but we are close to a well functioning alpha.

Thank you for spending your time to read our post, we’ll keep updating our devblog and social media :) !

See you soon

The Pitlanegame team


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