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Game Art - from concept to art guidelines

Hi guys,

today we will dive a little deeper into Pitlane’s art. First of all, this is a management 2D game and all game art is crafted with love by Gem and Franz.

As we said in the last post, this game has two very defined sides: a slow-paced planning side, where the strategy is built, and a fast-paced racing side, where the strategy is tested.

The game art was conceived to stress visually the difference between this two moments of the game and that’s why you will see a very dark palette of colours for the managing screens, opposed to a bright and colorful palette for characters, cars and circuits. All circuits are shown by a top down view.

More in general, since it is really important for us that the look of the game is deeply connected with the game experience we want to create, we went back and forth considering different options for a while.

In the end we distilled all our thoughts into art guidelines. The style we chose is illustrated but not too caricatural, it reminds sometimes of technical drawings’ look, to stress the technical nature of the game.

Animations and copywriting will follow the guidelines as well and the soundtrack will also play its role on this matter. At the moment we are at the early studies for sound and animation style. We look forward to focus on that, but we still have some more work to do on illustrations and graphic. In the meantime we hope you are a bit curious <3

Enough talking, here’s some images for you guys!

Thank you for taking the time to read our post, let us know what you think!

See you later

PS: When we had the idea to do the whole look homemade, Franz decided to make a custom TYPEFACE for the game too! Artists feast ahah :)


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