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Engineers Department

Hi guys,

This time we would like to continue talking about cars (<3) but from a different point of view: we will talk about cars development! Let’s start from the enegeneering department.

The player, being the team’s manager, will make all the decisions about how to develop his/her car. And this choices will make a huge difference in the game outcomes.

We designed the car as composed of 10 crucial different elements:

- 5 “engineering” techs, that corrispond to the internal parts of the car and will be developed in the ENGENEERING DEPARTMENT.

They are engine, transmission, suspensions, brakes, electronics.

- 5 “aerodynamic” techs, that make up the car body and will be developed in the AERODYNAMIC DEPARTMENT.

They are chassis, front wing, rear wing, side pods, barge boards.

These 10 techs will come with different characteristics that will make them useful depending on the strategy of the player.

In the game this elements will be either developed in house or bought at the market, depending on the player’s strategy and budget. To develop these techs you will have to hire a specific engineer for every one of them and make choices in the design philosophy that will determine the techs final performance level.

Your low performance techs can also be sold on the market They will be available for the opponents teams and will help you making some cash out of investments you made in the past.

Each tech is defined by two parameters: performance and reliability level. The performance level will be increased or reduced depending on current teamwork level and can be influenced by tracks characteristics. The reliability level together with wear level will increase the risk of part failure with consequent car retire. The higher the part reliability, the safer the car.

Techs don’t have all the same relevance. For example Chassis and Engine count more than Front Wing or Brakes, and all parts together will make the car overall performance.

That’s all for now, thank you for reading us!

See ya!!!


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