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Customization - player settings phase

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Hi all,

We are spending some time refining and trying out the player settings phase in which the player is given a variety of options to customize the game experience. We still need to do some graphic and UI revision but the phase is pretty much done and working.

One of our goals is to give the player the freedom to build his/her own personal idea of championship in the game. That’s why Pitlane has a wide level of customization that took some time to develop.

The player is able not only to customize his/her own identity as team manager and his/her team car shape model and colour but, if he/she wishes, he/she can build the whole database of the game, creating all 11 rival teams and deciding their financial starting situation. Sponsors, drivers, engineers, mechanics and managers’avatars, ability level and perks can be chosen by the player at the beginning of the gaming experience.

If the player is not interested in spending time choosing every feature of the game though, he/she can use the random generate function. This way the internal algoritm will build the game database. The player can also create some characters he/she wants to meet in the game and let the random generation function build the rest.

The game balance is protected introducing limitations on several parameters (ex. money limits for teams, limited number of perks/abilities for staff members). This way the player won’t be able to make his/her life too easy in the game!

Victory is not sure, even if you have a lot of money to spend, there are many different parameters that can make the difference!

A small team with little financial budget could hire talented emergent engineers and drivers and with a more risk oriented car developing could surprise everyone.

A team that has little money and can’t hire superstars, but worked over time keeping the same employees with a wise strategy could be very competitive. Team work is not on sale, it is a value that is built with patience and respect.

A team that have a solid financial situation, the best drivers and engineers, the best car and a strong teamwork level can’t be sure to win either. The choices the player will make as team manager, will determine the level of risk that the team will take and how much space the opponents will have to play their strategies. Hence, being the best is not something that remains the same without effort, so the team manager always have to think about how to invest money and resources to shape a brilliant future for he’s/her’s team.

More graphic stuff will arrive soon on your screens so, stay tuned and thank you for taking some time to be with us.

See you soon!


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