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Hi there!

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Hi there,

this is our first post! We are so excited to share some “behind the scenes” on our work on this blog. Let's start from the beginning…

My name is Davide, I am a programmer working with game designers Gem and Franz. We are developing a motorsport management indie game for pc. The game is currently in a pre-alpha phase, we are working no stop to get the alpha completed and then to have the beta ready for you to test ASAP.

This game was born from a Management Indie game that I first started developing In 2015 (four years ago OMG) called Pitlane 2016. It was my first attempt to bring a fully realised game to a commercial audience and was approved on Steam Greenlight. It gave me the validation and ambition to further develop the game with the collaboration and expertice from other game designers.

A year and a half ago, two friends and talented game designers, Gem and Franz joined me to help me realise a new idea for a motorsport game. Together we produce the code, illustrations, animations and sounds. Learning through trial, error, determination and the support from each other we are aiming to create a unique and enjoyable gaming experience for our users.

We are ready to share with you our work in progress design for the game to gather feedback from yourself and other potential gamers, to drive our project into the next phase of development. We would love to hear from you and receive your feedback. We will be active on facebook, twitter and instagram.

Thanks for taking the time to read our post, we hope you will enjoy following our journey and future game development.

See you in a bit! :)


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